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We’re an artisan roastery nestled away in a coastal town, Knysna. Established in 2019, with a task to bring speciality coffee to Knynsa.


The name Trinity is a representation of the group of 3 things when it comes to the coffee industry, Farmer-Roaster-Cup.


Attention to detail and respect for the process. We roast to highlight the unique character that every Single Origin has to offer, showcasing the farmers hard work.


Trinity started off with a strong desire to experience true coffee from some of the best coffee regions around the world, especially African coffee.


We have a passion for widening our customers coffee horizons. To educate and inform. At Trinity feedback is our driving factor, our fellow coffee enthusiasts all have their part to play with each coffee we make and beans we roast.

''Life without coffee is a scary place.

That’s why we’ve been proudly serving up fresh coffee to Knysna  since 2019.

Globally sourced with the most delicious blends from around the world directly to your hand,

our coffee makes even the most difficult days just a tad easier to get through.

For us, this isn’t just brewing coffee.

This is an active life mission to bring our customers the most flavorful full-bodied beverages we could get our hands on.

Browse our site to learn more about our locations and sourcing techniques.''

-Gerhardt & Carla


                                                                               Our roasting philosophy:

When we find coffee’s that we want to introduce to our clients we have a Trinity checklist that must be ticked off:


                                                                                       Fair Trade:

This is a must as the farmer needs to be compensated for the effort work and love that has been put in to growing the coffee we so need each and every day.

                                                                                       SCA of 82+

Speciality cupping score of at least 82 points+. This is a speciality coffee score standard and higher scores mean more potential and unique flavours in that the coffee.



It’s all good to have good fresh green coffee beans, but the only way to truly know what we present to our customers is to cup the coffee.

This is a protocol that is used in the industry to determine the SCA but also a great way to see if the roaster is hitting the right notes.

Each coffee is unique, each coffee is roasted with it’s own profile.

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